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Product details  
Product Name: Bar code printers | label printer
Classification: Argox Bar code printer
Model: A-180
Brand Products: Argox
Product Price:  

A-180 bar code printers | label printer
A-180 bar code printers using OS Series bar code printers and stable platform for programming, and the internal structure from the R series of bar code printers streamlined fashion design. Noise in print, ribbon installation, the internal gear designed to be more superior.
ARGOX series printers use the most stable platform for software programming applications.
Can be loaded with 127mm diameter of the largest paper, replace the paper more convenient.
In the middle of the alignment means for positioning labels from 25mm-100mm width among different label positioning.
Detailed parameters
Printer Specifications:

• Print: thermal transfer

• resolution (Resolution): 203dpi (8 point / mm)

• the largest printing width: 4.1 "(104mm)

• fastest printing speed: 75mm / s

• communication interfaces: RS-232 interface / standard parallel port

Physical characteristics:
Volume: 278x long 153mm wide high-186x

• Weight: 2.2Kg
Memory: 512KB DRAM, 512KB FLASH

• 16-bit microcontroller

• character font: standard font / font smoothing / F ratio

• reflective sensor tags (removable)

• default printer programming language: PPLA

• Software: Random ARGOBAR LITE comes with bar code-editing software
Bar code:
And a variety of one-dimensional bar code MaxiCode, PDF417 Datamatrix two-dimensional bar code
The use of the environment:
Election blade accessories, Rewind, clock cards, network print server, USB interface, 2M Asian font card (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese)
Other parameters:
Printed material norms
* Drum-shaped, or have been cut for the tag, label and paper and thermal paper or labels, Zhang Ping
* The maximum width: 4.25 "(108mm)
* The minimum width: 1 "(25.4mm)
* Thickness: 0.0025 "~ 0.01" (0.0635mm-0.254mm)
* The largest diameter: 5 "(127 mm)
* Diameter of paper: 1 "(25 mm)

* The width of the ribbon: 2 ", 4" (108mm)
* The minimum width: 1 "(25.4mm)
* Ribbon diameter of the largest diameter: 1.5 "(38 mm)
* The maximum length of 100 meters
* Diameter of paper: 0.5 "(13 mm), including slotted mouth
Commercial product labels / Post tag, sign the annual inspection / label management automation / transportation, logistics distribution label / tag clothing, pieces of clothing washing lable / retail inventory management labels.

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